Iggy Pop - List of Songs

Has 43 songs in the following movies and television shows

Westworld - Poster
Caleb moves onto another genre as the group heads down to the subway.
Narcos: Mexico - Poster
Walking through the plane cargo as we see all of the cash.
The Boys - Poster
Mason's plane is attacked by Homelander; end credits.
9-1-1 - Poster
Bobby informs them he misses his wife every day, and not just on Valentines.
12 Monkeys - Poster
1940 - London - Athan listens to music, as his female companion pleads with him to turn off the light so the do not become a target of the bombings; montage of Athan hopping through time, witnessing various events and having visions.
T2 Trainspotting - Poster
Mark and Simon leave the club and starts talking all the money from the credit cards. (1:49) End credits.
Fear the Walking Dead - Poster
Flashback to Oscar and Jessica's wedding reception; the bride and groom are called up for their first dance.
War Dogs - Poster
David and Efram arrive in Jordan.
Gold - Poster
Wells enters the hotel where he confronted by FBI agents. (1:56) End credits.
Gotham - Poster
Harvey calls by phone to James in a bar.
If I Stay - Poster
The family go driving through the snowy countryside.
Dark Shadows - Poster
Playing from Carolyn\'s room as she is introduced to Victoria.
The Cabin in the Woods - Poster
Jules makes out with the wolf on the wall.
This Must Be The Place - Poster
Cheyenne listens to this in his motel room after stealing the report card off the fridge.
Chuck - Poster
Flashback to Stanford, 2003; repeats as Jill & Chuck kiss.
Chuck - Poster
Beginning of the episode when Chuck is running.
Control - Poster
Playing in the pub as Ian talks with his mates about the band.
Wild Things - Poster
Song when Sam and Ken are in the car after they win the court case.
Trainspotting - Poster
Renton's friends shoots up some heroin at the apartment.
Trainspotting - Poster
Opening scene as Renton and Spud run from the police.