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21 Aug 2014

95 liked songs • 556.2k views • composed by Heitor Pereira

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If I Stay (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Version]17 songs
19 Aug 2014

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    Acelwt0 points ago
    What is the song in the beginning of the trailer, not the say something one but the other one where the boy is talking to Mia about how he can make juliard not so scary and Mia says something about being the person someone already is supposed to be
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    smorgann0 points ago
    Which song is specifically from the trailer? The one where she's in Juilliard and there's a cello song playing in the background.It's in the same trailer as the one where "Say Something" is played, and that's right after the cello song. Do you know the name of that cello song? I can't find it on iTunes or Amazon.
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    Khay_Gomez0 points ago
    Why are there no indications anymore where the song was played?
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