Thompson Twins - List of Songs

Has 20 songs in the following movies and television shows

Pivoting - Poster
Jodie meets with Matt, he informs her that he's taken her advice and enrolled in business courses then confesses to liking her more than just as friends, they then kiss.
A Million Little Things - Poster
Elliot tells Danny that he's change his life forever then gives him a ticket from this first date at the arcade; Maggie calls Gary to formerly tell him that she's okay and apologizes for not texting or calling; Katherine calls Rome to check in on Eve.
The Blacklist - Poster
Red asks Ressler not to tell Liz about Stark's medical file on him; Aram watches Elodie dance; the doctor informs Howie's parents that his condition is improving; Aram is given a secretive message meant for Frank Bloom, then asks Elodie if she wants to dance.
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch - Poster
Stefan takes the bus to the Tuckersoft office building.
GLOW - Poster
The girls are singing during their training.
Scream Queens - Poster
Grace and Pete decide to break into the Dean's office, then kiss.
The Carrie Diaries - Poster
Larissa offers to sublet her apartment to Sebastian; Carrie & Larissa chat on the way to work.
Scrubs - Poster
J.D. and Molly watch 'Sixteen Candles' (background music).
Lucas - Poster
Song plays on Cappie's radio as he takes Alise home and talks to her about his relationship with Maggie.