Santigold vs. Switch and FreQ Nasty - List of Songs

Has 54 songs in the following movies and television shows

Black Lightning - Poster
Blackbird, Anissa, is chase by the ASA, Jamillah reports on Blackbird and manages to catch her on camera; Anissa texts Jennifer for help.
Black Lightning - Poster
Looker fights Thunder.
The Handmaid's Tale - Poster
June jogging around the building; Moira jogs past a memorial in Canada.
Riverdale - Poster
Cheryl does Betty's make-up while apologizing for taking her anger out on her, then questions her over what happened between Jason and Polly.
The Expanse - Poster
Remix of this song plays at the bar.
Riverdale - Poster
Betty gets ready to see Archie, then she and Kevin spy on Archie getting dressed.
The Edge of Seventeen - Poster
Beginning of the movie when Nadine gets out of the car
Quantico - Poster
The NATs undergo a comprehensive medical screening; Shelby reads a letter from her parents; Caleb asks Will if he's ready for the Sistemics meeting.
Quantico - Poster
The twins work on a third personality; Drew has tremors in his hand; Caleb beats up Will to prove he's on Sistemics side, then is interrupted by Shelby; Miranda warns Alex that the FBI is a man's world and she needs to keep fighting.
Dope - Poster
Plays once the shootout happens at the club
Paper Towns - Poster
Q gets to the party on Jase's house and talks with Radar. Ben is being drunk and drinks beer from a barrel while being turned upside down. Q goes to the bathroom and finds Lacey sitting in the bathtub crying.
Spy - Poster
Susan and Rayna land in Budapest.
Let's Be Cops - Poster
Heading into the party/warehouse
In Your Eyes - Poster
Montage song as Becky and Dylan start communicating all the time.
Arrow - Poster
Oliver & Thea try to convince Laurel to go home; Oliver asks Felicity to check if Armitage is in the city, then he calls Quentin about Laurel.
The Vampire Diaries - Poster
@ 38:10 Katherine and Stefan kiss next to the fireplace, which is overheard by Caroline as she leaves Elena a message.
Cult - Poster
Kristie models a dress for Roger while they talk about what's happening with her father.
The Vampire Diaries - Poster
As Elena leaves Rebekah’s party, does a keg stand.
Gossip Girl - Poster
Chuck comforts Blair; Steven compliments Serena on how she handled Sage's antics; Sage goes to Nate's place; Nelly congratulates Dan then offers to let him stay at her place; Chuck fills Blair in on his progress with taking down Bart.
Pretty Little Liars - Poster
Emily & Paige swim together as Spencer tries to phone her; A picks up a large amount of cash.
The Secret Circle - Poster
Adam apologizes to Cassie for how he acted earlier, then suggests she hear her father's explanation; Dawn informs Cassie that John was looking for Ethan; Lee & Faye are interrupted by Eva's arrival.
Chuck - Poster
Sarah fights to find out where to find the Belgian.
The Hills - Poster
Brody shares his worries with Frankie & Taylor about Jayde & Brody.
Melrose Place - Poster
Lauren dances for her client, Frank.
The Vampire Diaries - Poster
@ 08:50 Vicki serves Tyler and his family at the Mystic Grill.
90210 - Poster
Jen stops by Ryan's office.
Kyle XY - Poster
Nicole visits Sarah & Jessi's apartment.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Sloan & Lexie leave Joe's together.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Meredith quits therapy; Derek announces he wants Alex & Izzie to move out.
90210 - Poster
Annie finds Adrianna in Ty's room.
Gossip Girl - Poster
Blair walks in on Nate and the Dutchess making out.
The Hills - Poster
Heidi tells Stephanie she's going to Vegas.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Cristina & Meredith dancing; end of day montage.