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Black Lightning Soundtrack [2018]

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Season 2

Season 2 • Episodes

Popular songs from Season 2


Kalendr, Nicolina

Apache Incredible Bongo Band | Album Cover

Survival Mode (From Black Lightning: Season 2)


Recent Discussion

Song playing when Khalil and Jennifer are in the house that in the bush

3 years ago

E2The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues

Song playing when Khalil and Jennifer are in the house that in the bush

3 years ago

When Jennifer and Khalil were on the run and went to the one hundred club and took all their money ,what song was playing

3 years ago

What's the song Zoe B. Playing on her guitar at bar?

4 years ago

There is one track missing that I'm really looking for. The one where Jennifer helps Gambi turn back on the generator in Season 2 epsidoe 16. What is it?

4 years ago

There is a jazz song playing in the background as henderson comes to Tobias' appartment. What song is that? Maybe Coltrane?

5 years ago

What was the name of the last song played on tonight's episode. It's a very pretty song that talked about running.

5 years ago

What's the song playing when Zoe B is swimming and Annisa comes out to talk to her, poolside?

5 years ago

anyone knows what music plays near the end when Wendy is being put back into the pot?

5 years ago

song playing when khalil and jennifer are on the roof?

5 years ago

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