Outasight - List of Songs

Has 27 songs in the following movies and television shows

All American - Poster
JJ takes the guys to a frat party.
The Flash - Poster
Chester parties around The Flash facility when comes across a article about him being died as well as Killer Frost arriving.
Lucifer - Poster
Dan searches through the garbage from Julian's house.
For The People - Poster
Introductory montage of the characters.
All American - Poster
Jordan and Olivia argue over whether Spencer is their brother; Asher's buddies tease him about the Porsche being wrecked and ask how he got it fixed; Spencer asks Coop why she didn't bring Patience to the party.
The Flash - Poster
Joe announces Cecile's pregnancy to the team with a case of cigars.
Office Christmas Party - Poster
Josh arrives at the Office Christmas party.
Central Intelligence - Poster
Plays during outtakes/credits
Spark: A Space Tail - Poster
Spark tricks Zhong's royal guards with a hologram.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Alex and Maggie try to convince Meredith to take a break before she joins their surgery; Maggie and Alex argue over how to treat Meredith about her date; Amelia catches Meredith shaving her leagues in the hospital bathroom, then offers to lend her an outfit.
How To Be Single - Poster
Lucy is eating a sandwich in her pajama's at the bar. She runs into some old friends and they talk about their pregnancies and husbands.
Sisters - Poster
Maura and Kate just left the liquor store where they met Dave.
21 And Over - Poster
Song playing inside the party building as they try to find Jeff Changs home.
90210 - Poster
Performed at Holly's birthday party as Austin keeps an eye on Holly; Naomi is praised for a job well done; Austin gets angry at Naomi for ordering him around.