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3 Dec 2019





The Gentlemen, released on 3 Dec 2019, consists of a playlist of 46 credited songs, from various artists including David Rawlings, Can and The Pharcyde. The tracks from this movie were chosen by music supervisors Matt Aberle. They were also responsible for selecting the music from other movies such as Wrath of Man. The original score is composed by Christopher Benstead.

List of Songs

Cumberland GapDavid Rawlings
Vitamin C (2004 Remaster)Can
Oh ShitThe Pharcyde
Sunshine of Your LoveCream
In Every Dream Home a HeartacheRoxy Music
BushBugzy Malone
The SnakeJohnny Rivers
Count Your BlessingsMattiel
Free MePaul Jones
Brothers on the SlideCymande
That's EntertainmentThe Jam
Shimmy Shimmy YaEl Michels Affair
Boxes of BushBugzy Malone

Official Soundtrack OST

No soundtracks are currently available for this title.

Trailer Songs

Currently no trailer songs have been added for this movie. Please add any songs heard in trailers, featurettes or promos here.


guesta year ago
What was the song when they had the wreck and mickey was running to his wife?
guesta year ago
What's the music used at the very beginning of the trailer?
guest2 years ago
What's the song at the introduction of Dry Eye (as "Chinese James Bond"), that vocal singing that has the chords of Fur Elise?
guest2 years ago
If anyone was wondering about Big Dave's ringtone, it's Mozart - Rondo Alla Turca.
guest2 years ago
what is the song in the exaggarated introduction scene of dry eye? it sounds like a version of für elise but with vocals
graham_gill2 years ago
What is the son on the juke box at the beginning.
guest2 years ago
What is the song at the end of the movie?
guest2 years ago
What was the song that went WUTANG WUTANG WUTANG it's in my head and driving me crazy please
gordy_partridge2 years ago
What is the ‘boxes of bush’ rap song played in The Toddlers fight?
guest2 years ago
What's the song Mickey Pearson puts on the jukebox in the pub at the beginning of the film?
guest2 years ago
What's the song playing when they come to the apartment to get Laura
guest2 years ago
There is a song playing in the background of one of the scenes in the boxing gym, with Coach talking to one of the boxers while it plays. I think it is a well known jazz song, but I cannot recall what it is for the life of me and I am desperate to hear it again. It doen ot feature on any lists as it is not a major song in the film and only plays for a short period. If you know please help!
guest2 years ago
What was the song played over the “fight porn” video in the movie
guest2 years ago
What is the song with the lyrics " if you want to be the king of the jungle " at start of the movie.
guest2 years ago
What song comes on at the end of the film when credits come on
guest2 years ago
What was the song playing in the boxing gym when they first introduced the toddlers?
guest2 years ago
What was the song with the insane guitar solo when they go into the flat to rescue that girl
guest2 years ago
Are the toddlers a real band?
guest2 years ago
What was the song used in the drug raid video?
steven_richardson2 years ago
I think the one you mean is called "Cumberland Gap" but it's sung by David Rawlings
guest2 years ago
What was the song playing whe the were chasing the young lads for the phones?
guest2 years ago
Hey does anyone know the song playing just as there about to kick the door down of the flat in the tower block?
guest2 years ago
What was the song called a female sang in the movie using the word kiss me

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