Can - List of Songs

Has 22 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Land of Steady Habits - Poster
Songs plays after Prestons car breaks down. He gets it towed and takes the oversized champagne bottle down to the train tracks.
American Animals - Poster
Eric waits for Warren at a Chinese restaurant.
Preacher - Poster
Montage of a hooded Jesse going on the journey to meet the new Messiah.
Ingrid Goes West - Poster
Ingrid arrives at Harley Chung's house.
The Get Down - Poster
The grafiti group are all talking about Shaolin's new work when one of them says he's going to check it out.
High-Rise - Poster
Second song at Charlotte's party, Robert is introduced to Nathan Steele.
High-Rise - Poster
Third song at Charlotte's party, Robert starts taking shots and smoking pot.
Life After Beth - Poster
Zach sneaks into the Slocums‘ house and confronts them about Beth.
The Bling Ring - Poster
They break into Orlando Blooms house.