Roxy Music - List of Songs

Has 37 songs in the following movies and television shows

Instinct - Poster
Andy throws Dylan a 'Happy Baby Day' party; Sam shows Dylan a picture of the ultrasound.
Mindhunter - Poster
Park City, KS - Dennis Rader (BTK) is discovered dressed in drag and engaged in autoerotic asphyxiation.
Big Little Lies - Poster
Jane and Corey talk on the side of the street as this music plays from the nearby bar. He tries to kiss her.
Barry - Poster
Plays during the end credits.
Book Club - Poster
diane and andy on first date
Westworld - Poster
Flashback to James Delos dancing around his quarters.
The Americans - Poster
First song, again during bowling scene, and final body scene.
The Normal Heart - Poster
First song as Ned arrives off the boat.
The Normal Heart - Poster
Felix and Ned go for a road trip in their convertible.
The Americans - Poster
Final song, end credits.
Glee - Poster
Blaine and Kurt chat about sex
Hellcats - Poster
Julian puts on music & asks Marti to dance; montage of the marathon dancers decreasing in number; Julian & Marti kiss as they dance; Alice bandages her foot.
Control - Poster
Song plays in Ian's room as he watches his friend kiss a girl. She leaves after Ian wont stop staring at them.
Lost In Translation - Poster
The second song Bob (Bill Murray) sings during Karaoke.
Casino - Poster
"Ginger's ambitions was always money."
Hello Ladies - Poster
Final song, Stuart packs up the left over food and drives home with Jessica.