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Spenser Confidential (2020) is a Netflix original action-comedy film directed by Peter Berg and starring Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke, and Alan Arkin. The movie follows the story of Spenser, an ex-cop and convict who is released from prison to team up with his former rival Hawk in order to uncover a major conspiracy. Along the way, he must come face to face with personal demons and conflicts with his old colleagues as he attempts to get justice for a murdered cop. With its mix of thrilling fight scenes, witty dialogue, and heartfelt character development, Spenser Confidential stands out as one of Netflix's most successful movies. The soundtrack for the 2020 Netflix movie "Spenser Confidential" features an eclectic selection of songs. It contains a mix of indie-rock, hip-hop, and classic rock music that ties the film together. It includes classic hits like Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion" and Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline", as well as "Supernatural Thing" by Soul and R&B singer Ben E. King. Other popular artists making appearances in the soundtrack include Nico Vega with their song "Beast", Mountain's Iconic "Mississippi Queen", Foreigner, Essie Jain, and more. A unique rendition of "Sweet Emotion" was also featured in the movie performed by Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon.

List of Songs

Foreplay / Long Time - Boston

Foreplay / Long Time



Spencer gets in a fight before being released from prison.

Drive Me Crazy - Chinatown

Drive Me Crazy



Lliza was furious when Spenser visited her after his release from prison. Then she flung Spenser's belongings over the balcony.

Supernatural Thing - Ben E. King

Supernatural Thing

Ben E. King


Spenser driving to Alan's House

UDIGG - Germ




When spenser first met his roommate Winston.

Gimme That - Terrell Burt

Gimme That

Terrell Burt


Playing through Hawk's headphones as he is occupied with his cell phone.

Opening - Essie Jain


Essie Jain


Boylan driving home while speaking to his daughter on the phone.

Mississippi Queen - Mountain

Mississippi Queen



Cissy meets Spencer at the boxing club.

Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond

Sweet Caroline

Neil Diamond


Spencer fights the cops in the bathroom at the bar.

Feels Like the First Time - Foreigner

Feels Like the First Time



Spenser was followed by Gloria to the restroom. A further sexual encounter occurs between the two.

Gasoline - Siege of Rhodes


Rock music playing over McLarens stereo

Willin' - Little Feat


Spenser walks to the gym and looks for Winston.

Beast - Nico Vega

1h 0m

hawk engraves a cat into Tracksuit Charlie’s car

Some of Adam's Blues - Quaker City Night Hawks

Some of Adam's Blues

Quaker City Night Hawks

1h 10m

A scene of Funeral Honors and Ceremonies for Police Personnel

Sweet Emotion - Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon

1h 41m

News aboout several top ranking boston officers arrested for corruption.

Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith

Sweet Emotion


1h 42m

Spenser walks around the beach with his dog.

Doa - Marcellus Juvann

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Black Betty - Lead Belly

Black Betty

Lead Belly

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On the semi's radio at Wonderland.

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a year ago

What is the song being played as the tires on the vette get slashed and the cat etched on the side?

0 replies


4 years ago

Whats the song the black guy is listening to in car with headphones?

3 replies


4 years ago

N3utr1n0 fuck off....


4 years ago

Lakmé - Flower Duet


4 years ago

I want to know this too!! Does anyone know?!


4 years ago

Whats the song the black guy plays in his bathroom brusshing his teeth at the begining? The beat sounds cool

1 replies


4 years ago

Lakmé - Flower Duet


4 years ago

What is the last song played at end of movie?

1 replies


4 years ago

Foreplay Longtime Boston

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Steve Jablonsky

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