Aerosmith - List of Songs

Has 43 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Blacklist - Poster
Liz meets with Agent Julian Gale, who questions her about the Reddington task force, SCI7 and the FBI working with Red, then suggests she should ask forgiveness of Red's victims.
War Dogs - Poster
David lies to his girlfriend that is selling bedsheets to the U.S. Military. Later, David spends six weeks learning the art of arms dealing.
Community - Poster
Leonard picks up the Frisbee that falls at his feet; (Flashback) The 70s at Greendale, a younger Leonard throws (that) the first Frisbee up onto the roof of Greendale; The Frisbee crumbs to pieces.
We're The Millers - Poster
Song as Rose strips for Pablo.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Poster
Sam goes through all his job interviews.
The Fighter - Poster
Montage as Micky starts winning all his fights. Dicky is running laps in the prison yard.
Grown Ups - Poster
When they're all driving to the lake house after the funeral
Blades of Glory - Poster
Chazz and Jimmy perform their Fire and Ice routine to this song
Be Cool - Poster
Scene in Be Cool Aerosmith sings
Charlie's Angels - Poster
Natalie chases the Thin Man on the racetrack.
Shanghai Noon - Poster
Song when Chon and Roy manage to escape from the hanging.
Armageddon - Poster
Song in the bar in New Oreans when they try to recruit rockhound. He is flirting with a redhead, asking about her wedding ring.
Armageddon - Poster
Flight School for the guys with the "wrong stuff" :-)
Armageddon - Poster
Highly prevalent throughout the film but most notably the romantic scene between A.J and Grace (where he puts a biscuit down her knickers)
Wayne's World 2 - Poster
The song Aerosmith plays when they arrive at Waynestock
Wayne's World 2 - Poster
The song the band plays when Wayne and Garth see the band at the beginning of the movie.
Dazed and Confused - Poster
Begining of the movie, everyone get to school, Milla rolls a joint in the car.
Say Anything... - Poster
Lloyd and Diane arrive to the graduation party.
Less Than Zero - Poster
Julian meets with his Uncle at his car dealership and talks him into "investing $15k into a nightclub"