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The To Do List (2013) Soundtrack

24 Jul 2013





The To Do List, released on 24 Jul 2013, consists of a playlist of 46 credited songs, from various artists including The 2 Live Crew, Spin Doctors and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch & Loleatta Holloway. The original score is composed by Jason Boschetti.

List of Songs

Me So HornyThe 2 Live Crew
Two PrincesSpin Doctors
Good VibrationsMarky Mark and the Funky Bunch & Loleatta Holloway
Pour Some Sugar On MeDef Leppard
O.P.PNaughty By Nature
Rump ShakerWreckx-N-Effect
Shockwave RiderRoyal Trux
Let's Talk About SexSalt-N-Pepa
Fade Into YouMazzy Star
The Smartest Stupidest GirlYortoise
I Don\'t Know Why I Love YouThe House of Love
29Gin Blossoms
DreamsThe Cranberries
Break It Down AgainTears for Fears
Wind Beneath My WingsBette Midler
BittersweetBig Head Todd & The Monsters
U Can\'t Touch ThisMC Hammer
Up DownDeath Valley Jupiter
StanleyRaney Shockne & Rob Bonfiglio
FreeClay Birds
Purple SkyTony Bunce
Rayon SummerCelina Graves
Cut Your HairPavement
LostClay Birds
One Time LookerRoss Gidney
Pomp and Pomp & Circumstance Marches #1 No. 1 In D MajorSir Edward Elgar
Alive Afta FiveRaney Shockne, Jason Boschetti and Andy Carey
BonusEd Graves
My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)En Vogue
StutterColleen Grace Rourke
Pearl NecklaceEd Graves
Good ThingShayne Blue
Mr. NastyRaney Shockne and Jason Boschetti

Official Soundtrack OST

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Trailer Songs

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guest2 years ago
whats the one from the orgasm scene?
guest2 years ago
whats the one thats playing while they're having sex in her room?
juan miguel louise_soto6 years ago
what song is this lyrics from? scene is from when Brandy and Rusty was making out at the car before they had sex so many people lost in the night they left behind the daydreamer

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