Salt-N-Pepa - List of Songs

Has 78 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Masked Singer - Poster
Frog recap: Introduction; [0:51] repeats before Frog's clues are reviewed.
Atypical - Poster
When Zahid and Gretchen fight in the car over over the pronunciation of "Joie de vie"
Captain Marvel - Poster
Plays on the stereo in the security guard's car outside Blockbuster Video.
Second Act - Poster
3rd song from the official trailer.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Owen and Megan sing along to the radio, then he decides to take a short cut.
Scandal - Poster
Olivia tries to find her purse lost in intimate moment with Curtis as he tries to convince her move their "dates" outside of hotel rooms.
MacGyver - Poster
Mac's birthday party; Bozer talks about reuniting the dog he found with his owner, then expresses disbelief that Riley gave Kalei her full phone number.
MacGyver - Poster
Very Dangerous Part Of The World - Jack sings while hooked up to a truth serum IV.
MacGyver - Poster
Plays as Jack starts singing; Riley accompanies Orlov to his home.
Deadpool - Poster
Deadpool sits on the edge of the overpass
Love, Rosie - Poster
Rosie's water breaks and they rush to get her out of the house and to the hospital.
The Vampire Diaries - Poster
Bonnie finds Damon dancing in the Salvatore mansion kitchen while drinking and cooking.
Endless Love - Poster
Mace and Gwen dance to this song at the party.
August: Osage County - Poster
Song playing from the Red Ferrari as it pulls up next to them.
In a World... - Poster
Song at the party as people start dancing.
The To Do List - Poster
Song playing in the car as the three girls talk about getting finger banged.
End of Watch - Poster
Second song Janet and Brian dance to at their wedding.
Project X - Poster
Miles party bus arrives and girls pour out of it.
Something Borrowed - Poster
Darcy starts her speech and this song plays at the start of the slideshow.
Something Borrowed - Poster
Plays during the slideshow as Darcy talks abot Rachel.
Something Borrowed - Poster
Darcy plays this song in Rachel's apartment to celebrate her and ethan.
Chuck - Poster
Jeffster performs over the hopsital P.A. system as Ellie is in labor & Chuck, Morgan and Sarah arrive & chat with Casey.
Hot Tub Time Machine - Poster
Nick has sex with Tara in the bath tub.
Glee - Poster
New Directions performs.
Grandma's Boy - Poster
Samantha gets up to sing to this song. She passes out during though.
40 Year Old Virgin - Poster
Second song played in club when Jay is telling him to 'run down some drunk chicks'
10 Things I Hate About You - Poster
Joey is talking to Bianca about his advertisement for hemorrhoid cream.
Space Jam - Poster
The NBA players fail at the New York game.
Clueless - Poster
Cher and Dionne watch as Murray approaches them in the school quad.