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Stuck in Love (2013) Soundtrack

14 Jun 2013





Stuck in Love, released on 14 Jun 2013, consists of a playlist of 46 credited songs, from various artists including SKATERS, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Cloudbirds. The original score is composed by Mike Mogis & Nathaniel Walcott.

List of Songs

HomeEdward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
End RunCloudbirds
A Mountain, a PeakBill Ricchini
PolkadotLike Pioneers
American ManRio Bravo
No Time To SpeakBear Driver
Martian RingsJesse Voccia
Will You Be By MeWallpaper Airplanes
Beach BabyBon Iver
I Won't Love You Any LessNat & Alex Wolff
Between the BarsElliott Smith
GospelThe National
2 That TopTarik NuClothes
The Calendar Hung Itself...Bright Eyes
You Are Your Mother's ChildConor Oberst
At Your Door (feat. Big Harp)Nathaniel Walcott
Somersaults In SpringFriends of Gemini
Are We Just DoomedSKATERS
Body to BodyElectric Valentine

Official Soundtrack OST

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Trailer Songs

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lin_rose troyer6 years ago
Is there a cd of stuck in love?
mireya6 years ago
There's this one soft guitar song several times in the movie but a specific part i do remember it from was when Kate got saved and was unconcscious and Rusty had her in his arms and was crying. The song also goes into the next scene where Sam tells her dad that she knew he was having sex with that runner lady who was married. What song is that????

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Mike Mogis & Nathaniel Walcott