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13 Mar 2014

5 liked songs • 58.6k views • composed by Josh Kramon

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Veronica Mars (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)13 songs
4 Mar 2014
Veronica Mars (Original Motion Picture Score)19 songs
14 Mar 2014

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      Brianna_Kenney0 points ago
      does anyone know the song when Veronica and Logan were making out
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      nanawessels0 points ago
      What is the song playing at the end of the movie when the credits are showing?
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      Zahra_Samson0 points ago
      Anyone know the song when Veronica walks out of her house in her new black outfit to meet Logan at his car?
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      amec9120 points ago
      Does anyone know what song or music was playing during the fight scene at the reunion? Thanks!
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      Cori_Tom0 points ago
      What song is playing where Logan and Veronica are saying good bye before Logan ships off?
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