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28 Apr 2016





Mother's Day, released on 28 Apr 2016, consists of a playlist of 84 credited songs, from various artists including Meghan Trainor, Madison Bray and Lauryn Vyce. The original score is composed by John Debney.

List of Songs

Mom (feat. Kelli Trainor)Meghan Trainor
Right Through YouMadison Bray
Just Play The Music Lauryn Vyce
Back to DixieJimmy Bo
Doing It All for My BabyHuey Lewis & The News
Old MacDonald Had A Farm Joseph Leo Bwarie
This Ain't As Easy As It Seems Pilot Hill
Summer RomanceJordyn Kane
Corelli Concerto In D Daniele Luppi
Make It RedFitness
ForeverHeavy Young Heathens
PhotographEd Sheeran
Steal My SunshineLen
Safe In The WildKueenz
Winter CoatLucy Walsh
IrresistibleSophia Joelle
Be BopDan Dee
Fish out of WaterLeo Soul
Taps (Orchestrated) Daniel Butterfield
Play NiceDaniel Holter & Kyle White
You Belong To MeBryan Adams
The Humpty Dance Jason Sudeikis & Heavy Young Heathens
New Day FreshRuben Ayala
Prelude In G For GuitarLeon Karlsson & Michael Georgiades
Wedding March For GuitarLeon Karlsson & Michael Georgiades
Happy Mother's DaySamantha Schultz
Momma Knows BestLucy Levinsohn & Jeff Edwards
M-O-T-H-E-R Joseph Leo Bwarie
Mother's Day Michelle Raitzin
Taps (Answered) Daniel Butterfield
Verge (feat. Aloe Blacc)Owl City & Yuna
Written In the WaterGin Wigmore

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