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The Soloist (2009) Soundtrack

24 Apr 2009





The Soloist, released on 24 Apr 2009, consists of a playlist of 32 credited songs, from various artists including The Temptations, Jose Lopez Alaves and Neil Diamond. The original score is composed by Dario Marianelli.

List of Songs

I Want A Love I Can SeeThe Temptations
Cancion MextecaJose Lopez Alaves
Mr. BojanglesNeil Diamond
Me DespidoMichael Salgado
Symphony No. 3 (Eroica), Op. 55, Mvmt. 1Ludwig Van Beethoven
Can the Circle Be UnbrokenThe Original Carter Family
Who Am I?Beenie Man
Forever In Blue JeansNeil Diamond
Sonata for Cello and Piano, Op. 102, No. 1, Mvmt. ILudwig Van Beethoven
Symphony No. 3 (Eroica), Op.55, Mvmt. I, II and IIILudwig Van Beethoven
String Quartet No. 15 Op. 132, Mvmt. I and IIILudwig Van Beethoven
1st Cello Suite. Mvmt. IJohann Sebastian Bach
String Quartet No. 15 Op. 132, Mvmt. IIILudwig Van Beethoven
Symphony No. 9, Op. 123, Mvmt. IIILudwig Van Beethoven
String Quartet No. 14 Op. 131, Mvmt. ILudwig Van Beethoven
Triple Concerto, Op. 56, Mvmt. IILudwig Van Beethoven
String Quartet No. 12 Op. 1127, Mvmt. IILudwig Van Beethoven

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guest4 years ago
What is the name of the music played just before and during the beginning of the closing credits of the movie?

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