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Wayne's World Soundtrack [1992]

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Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Bohemian Rhapsody



Wayne, Garth, and their friends sing this song in the Mirthmobile. They headbang to the heavy guitar part.

Everything About You - Ugly Joe Kid

Everything About You

Ugly Joe Kid


Wayne speaks to the camera as music plays in the doughnut store. Garth acts quite timid. plays once more as Wayne opens his gift following the next song.

Romeo and Juliet - Fantasy Overture

Berlin Symphony Orchestra & Leopold Hager


Garth keeps gazing at the blonde woman he likes.


Wayne and Garth walk into the Gasworks nightclub while the music is in full swing. Some big dude throws Garth to the ground. originally a Jimi Hendrix song.

Dream Weaver - Gary Wright

Dream Weaver

Gary Wright


Plays whenever Wayne looks at Cassandra

Loud Love - Soundgarden

Loud Love



At the club's bar, Wayne and Cassandra have a conversation. She adjourns to confront the club owner.

String Quartet in G, Opus 51, No.1 - Third Movement

The Aeolian Quartet


Wayne convinces a different driver to roll down his window.

Rock Candy - BulletBoys

Rock Candy



As Wayne and Garth wait for their automobile to pass inspection, music is playing in the garage.

Loving Your Love - Eric Clapton

Loving Your Love

Eric Clapton


Russell and Benjamin drive up to the cable company and enter. Instrumental.

Touch Me

Tia Carrere


On stage, Cassandra plays live music with her band.

Hot and Bothered - Cinderella

Hot and Bothered



After Cassandra finishes performing, she leaves the stage, and Benjamin hands her his business card. Cassandra is asked by Wayne if she wants to go somewhere and discuss.


The song is sung in the car by Wayne and Cassandra.

Sikamikanico - Red Hot Chilli Peppers


After Mickey plays a CD in the car with Cassandra, Wayne does the same.

Cold Chills - Kix

Cold Chills



Plays while a man recounts that he got fired today in the doughnut cafe. Garth joins Cassandra and Wayne at a table.

Foxy Lady - The Jimi Hendrix Experience


Garth lip syncs and dances to this in his dream.

All Night Thing - Temple of the Dog

All Night Thing

Temple of the Dog


The trio of Wayne, Cassandra, and Garth reach Benjamin's residence. Onto the balcony they go.

Why Do You Wanna Break My Heart - Tia Carrere

Why Do You Wanna Break My Heart

Tia Carrere


On stage, Cassandra and the band rehearse. Benjamin shows up carrying the contract.

Ride With Yourself - Rhino Bucket

Ride With Yourself

Rhino Bucket


Driving to Milwaukee and the Alice Cooper concert, Wayne and Garth.

Making Our Dreams Come True

Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox


Wayne and Garth in Milwaukee, in a montage.

Feed My Frankenstein - Alice Cooper

Feed My Frankenstein

Alice Cooper


Alice Cooper plays this at his concert in Milwaukee that Wayne and Garth go to

Time Machine - Black Sabbath

Time Machine

Black Sabbath

1h 14m

Wayne is stopped by a police officer.

Mission Impossible Theme - Lalo Schifrin

Mission Impossible Theme

Lalo Schifrin

1h 18m

Garth launches his strategy to get in touch with Mr. Bigg.

Ballroom Blitz - Tia Carrere

Ballroom Blitz

Tia Carrere

1h 20m

In Wayne's basement, Cassandra and her band play while Frankie Sharp of Sharp Records watches from his limo.

Wayne's World Theme (Extended Version)

Mike Myers & Dana Carvey

1h 26m

The song is in the end-credits.

The Murder - Bernard Herrmann

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