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Crazy, Stupid, Love Soundtrack

27 Jul 2011

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  • Christophe Beck & Nick Uratacomposer

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Crazy, Stupid, Love (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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26 Jul 2011


  • Vincent_De Grenier
    1 reply
    Hello, i'm searching a song from the movie " crazy stupid love", there is the soundtrack here with a lot of details i know, thx for this, but not that one, in fact it's between the bamboos and the poets of rhythm, it's when cal speaks with kate at the bar for the first time, thx for all if you find it.
  • redreddington808
    1 reply
    Great track list but of course the song I am looking for is not on it ... grrr. When Cal meets Jacobs at the mall (shopping centre) Jacob is standing with a suit on, eating something. About 24.50 minutes into the film The music playing is kind of Arabic. Any help welcome !