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6 Seasons

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Complete List of Songs

  • Operators
    Andy interrupts Nick and Juliet chat to suggest his listen to his gut when getting to know someone new; Gail asks Andy and Traci to help her write a bucket list of things to do before she adopts Sophie; Chloe turns down Duncan offer to have a drink with him; Oliver asks Dov if he's thinking of working intelligence.
    Tom Andrew
  • Your Love Fades With Time
    Eddie M.
    Nick heads into a bar and orders a bourbon.
    Tom Andrew
  • Dum Dee Dum
    Keys N Krates
    Duncan questions why he and Gail needs to continue their stake out, then gets talked into showing off his dance moves.
    Tom Andrew
  • She Was Never Mine To Lose
    Tommy Strange & The Features
    Nick strikes up a conversation with Marco.
    Tom Andrew
  • Untie The Ribbon
    Wanda Johnson
    Nick tells Marco about a regretful incident from his army years; continues as Nick tells Marco he's heading to a different bar.
    Tom Andrew
  • The Wichita Years
    Alana Yorke
    Sam asks Andy to head out for a drink; Dov sneaks out a copy of the bomber case file, gives them to Marlo and says he wants to move into Intelligence; Juliet cleans Nick's wounds, then they kiss.
    Tom Andrew


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