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565 liked songs • 947.3k views • music supervisor Oliver Hild, Stacy Wallen-McCarthy

Suits is an award-winning TV show, premiering on the USA cable network in June, 2011. Suits is based in a fictional law firm in New York City and revolves around a talented college dropout Mike, and one of the cities most successful lawyers' Harvey Specter. The Suits soundtrack or playlists are selected by music supervisors, Oliver Hild and Stacy Wallen-McCarthy. The variety of music is quite broad, often offering both new age and old classic songs. It is known for its popular soundtrack and more than often brings fantastic new music into the limelight.

Official Soundtrack

Our Idiot Brother (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)1 song
1 Jan 2011
Stand Up Guys (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)1 song
4 Dec 2012
Like Crazy (Music from the Motion Piicture)1 song
24 Oct 2011
The Fifth Estate (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)1 song
8 Oct 2013
Suits - Official Soundtrack
If I Stay (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Version]1 song
19 Aug 2014
Suits (Original Television Soundtrack)27 songs
11 Dec 2015