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The Resident Soundtrack [2018]

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Season 2

Season 2 • Episodes

Popular songs from Season 2


Freya Ridings

Happy Man Jungle | Album Cover

You Saved Me From Myself (from the Resident)

Colin Hay

Show Me Love (Stonebridge Club Mix) Robin S. | Album Cover

Show Me Love (Stonebridge Club Mix)

Robin S.



Phenomenon ODIE | Album Cover
Devil's Whisper Raury | Album Cover

Devil's Whisper


Recent Discussion

What was the Indian song that they were dancing on it at the bar?

4 years ago

E7Trial & Error

where is the song "i like it like that" ? can not find...can some one add please :)

4 years ago

What song was played in being mary Jane season 5 finale, where justin was cooking and mary Jane came in from work

4 years ago

What is the song playing after the break up while he rides his bike?

4 years ago

Hey what's the song when juluan came to devon's apart to apologize and ask him to dinner?

5 years ago

I cannot find Mood of Water by Jafar anywhere. Can anybody send me a link please ? Thanks in advance

5 years ago

The song played when Michael left Mina in the resident season 2 episode 18

5 years ago

The song that Parvesh and julian danced to

5 years ago

I thought it had that “Take Me To Church” vibe....

5 years ago

No its Hozier Arsonsist's lullaby

5 years ago

What was the last song at the end of the show during the car chase?

5 years ago

Possibly Chris Stapleton singing "Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning. Played at end of the show with the device representative slow dancing with Indian doctor. You can find it on YouTube. I really liked it to.

5 years ago

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Jon Ehrlich, Jason Derlatka




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