James Brown - List of Songs

Has 99 songs in the following movies and television shows

Watchmen - Poster
Vietnam - Flashback to young Angela renting a 'Sister Night' VHS tape, then going to find her parents.
New Amsterdam - Poster
Max shows off his dance moves in an attempt to amuse Luna.
The Resident - Poster
Devon watches the medical students play in the snow.
Luke Cage - Poster
Luke listens to music while taking out the guys on his way to confront Rosalie Carbone.
Lethal Weapon - Poster
Murtaugh heads into his temporary captain office, turns on the stereo and dances around; the officers in the bullpen laugh at Murtaugh's antics.
9-1-1 - Poster
Women go into labor at the yoga class.
Black Lightning - Poster
Black Lighting fights Joey Toledo when he begins to have problems with his powers and suits again allowing for Toledo to get away as he questions him about Tobias.
The Blacklist - Poster
Red hangs out at a motel pool; Aram and Samar kiss in the elevator as they arrive at the FBI office.
The Deuce - Poster
Playing as C.C. gets his shoes shined on the street as a police car pulls up; Pimps talk to cops as they get their shoes shined
The Blacklist: Redemption - Poster
Montage of the team kidnapping Bray's girlfriend, Nadia.
The Blacklist - Poster
Red lays out the plan for Aram on how he plans to get The Director; Samar and Harold execute a plan to give the Director's wife drugged coffee.
Pretty Little Liars - Poster
A packs up some syringes, then excepts a pair of prom tickets from his red-hooded accomplice.
About Last Night - Poster
First song during opening credits after he smashes his desk.
Transformers - Poster
Sam tries to explain that he didn't drive her onto the hill on purpose to Mikaela. Mikaela gets out and tries to fix it.
40 Year Old Virgin - Poster
Andy is running home, after seeing the magazines, and the bus follows him
Guess Who - Poster
Simon and Theresa are in the taxi heading to Percy's house
The Wedding Date - Poster
Kat is at the ATM after the bachelorette party
South Park - Poster
Butters calls Lexus on the telephone.
Scrubs - Poster
J.D. and Turk "pimp out."
Rush Hour - Poster
Lee gets into a fight in the bar after calling the barman a n*****
Apollo 13 - Poster
Second song playing at the Lovell's. Plays as Fred Haise and Ken Mattingly talk.