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Episode 10

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Season 5

Episode 10 • Wrapped in Red

Jingle Bells

Kitty Wells


At a outdoor fair a woman calls her husband to check on him while he's away at work as she waits to see Santa Claus with their daughter and her own friend when their daughter spots her father with another woman and children.

Deck the Halls - Bob Saker & Bill Connor


Bobby gives the 188 instructions as they arrive to the accident scene at the fairgrounds; Buck helps with an injured Artie while Eddie takes care of Artie's distraught wives and Ravi attempts to help the trolley drive who refuses move from the vehicle.

Old Fashioned Christmas - Dan Greer

Old Fashioned Christmas

Dan Greer


At Athena and Bobby's place as Bobby prepares for Christmas dinner days away, Athena discusses Christmas Day with May and Henry about their change up on their holiday traditions from when they where younger which frustrates her.

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

John Swanson


Taylor finishes up at story on Christmas donations and the 188 fire station house efforts to help out those in need during the holiday; as Buck, Bobby and Hen work together handing out donations, Buck seeks out the other twos advice on a perfect Christmas gift for Taylor; Taylor asks Bobby for his help on choosing a gift for Buck.

Wrapped in Red - Kelly Clarkson

Wrapped in Red

Kelly Clarkson


Melia attempts to gather the courage to ask out her crush with her friend, Cindy, encouraging her over text messages; Melia attempts to give Marco a Christmas gift but fails to find the courage even after gives her a gift; as Marco leaves work Melia summons the courage to give Marco his Christmas give then ask him out but as he fumble for words she freaks out thinking she's being rejected and accidentally falls down an elevator shaft as she runs away in embarrassment.

Silent Night - Ray Greene & Dow Brain


Christopher finishes up his gingerbread house for the holiday when Eddie brings in hot chocolate and accidentally spills it on the gingerbread house which spends Christopher into a tailspin as unleashes his anger at his father from his pin-upped frustration he's been harboring from his father since his late near-death experience at work.

Sueñan las Campanas - Andy Gonzales Y Sus Amigos

Sueñan las Campanas

Andy Gonzales Y Sus Amigos


A couple have an argument over the phone as the wife decorates the house with their son and the house attempts to unload their Christmas tree into the drive way of their apartment building when the husband accidentally hits one of the supporting beams of the building causing begin to break apart.


(Joni Mitchel cover) End montage of Christmas events.


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