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hey, please help me find track by 48:40-49:00 min, when they sitting in car?)

4 years ago

Does anyone know the song that plays after Jackie's phone call with Junior (who puts her on speaker) and the scene cuts to a night club?

4 years ago

Who was singing the song Cathleen was playing in her car when Ray pulls her over? It's like "you a natural, run that back, run that back, I give you the high life such a feeling you life, take you on a, take you on a wild..." then the song cuts off. Anyone know who this is?

4 years ago

Who was singing “crimson and clover” in season finale of Hightown?

4 years ago

Thanks. But, the music i'm trying to fine has no lyrics. It's just a tune playing behind the closing credits. When i listened to "promise to stay here" on youtube it wasn't it. Thanks anyway. It might be background music we'll never know. Which is to bad.

4 years ago

What tune is playing during the closing credits of the best you'll feel all day

4 years ago

Is it "Promise to Stay Here"?

4 years ago

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