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Episode 3

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The Orville Main Title

Bruce Broughton


Main title.

Alara Goes Home/Arriving Home

Joel McNeely


Alara takes on last look at the bridge then takes a shuttle to Xelaya with Gordon and Ed; Gordon and Ed marvel at Alara homeworld as they shuttle across the planet to Alara's family home.

To the Island

Joel McNeely


Ildis and Drenala Kitan take Alara and her sister, Solana to the family's beach house on Xelaya for some family bonding time; the Kitan family are greeted by the caretaker, Serris, who tells him the island is deserted; Solana spots a wild eevak and goes to pet it; (continues) [0:18] Later during the evening, Alara fantasizes about being human and riding a eevak along the beach; Alara spots a light on in a neighboring house.

Hope for Alara/Amputation

Joel McNeely


Alara and Solana take their families conveyance pod to Serris' cottage across the island as they ride they have a heart-to-heart; (repeats) [0:34] Cambis and Floratta prepare to make an example out of Solana by vivisection when a Union Shuttle arrives.

The Shuttle Arrives/The Home Invasion

Joel McNeely


Panicking, Floratta holds Alara, Drenala and Solana at gun point as Cambis forces Ildis to handle the Union offices; Ildis attempts to persuade Ed to leave only for Cambis to shoot Ed when he refuses to leave; (continues) [0:36] Alara finds her strength returning and surprise attacks Floratta, eliminate her; Alara orders her family to hide; Cambis leaves Ed to return to the house where he and Alara face off against one another; Ed and Gordon find Ed's gravity suit loosing power after being shot; (continues) [0:38] Alara requests for her father to help Ed while she takes care of Cambis before her strength depletes; Alara takes out Cambis; (continues) [0:39] a wounded, Illdis finds Serris body in the garden as makes his way to Ed, dragging him into the shuttles safe gravity field.

Alara Says Goodbye

Joel McNeely


In the Shuttle Bay of the Orville, the senior staff gives Alara a silent, tearful farewell with hugs; the bridge crew watch as Alara returns to Xelaya; (continues) [0:47] In his office, Ed opens Alara's parting gift; a jar of pickles.

The Orville End Titles

Bruce Broughton


End titles.


C'mon, there's no such thing as a stupid question. Get the ball rolling and be the first.

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Bruce Broughton, Andrew Cottee, John Debney & Joel McNeely

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