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Episode 9

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Season 2

Episode 9 • Identity (2)

Kaylon Armada/Ty Runs to Isaac

Joel McNeely


The Kaylon Armada head on a course towards Earth and Union Central, spearheaded by the captured Orville; Ty not understanding that Isaac is dangerous attempts to rush past the Kaylon guards to see him but the guard grabs him while the second guard shoots Talla, who rushes to stop him.

The Orville Main Title

Bruce Broughton


Main title.

Kaylon Take Command

Joel McNeely


The Kaylon Primary forces Ed and the other bridge crew to placate and deceive the oncoming ship, the USS Roosevelt and its captain, Captain Marcos; (continues) [0:10] After saluting offer Marcus a "13-button salute," a code that signals a "hostile force has seized control and Union Central must be notified," the Primary having figured out the meaning of the code has the Roosevelt swiftly fired upon as it attempts to leave.

Punishment/Yaphit Has a Plan/A Little Problem

Joel McNeely


Ed is taken to the airlock on Deck 7 for "punishment," there a young ensign is locked into the airlock; (continues) [0:12] Isaac unsuccessfully attempts to save the ensigns life but is order to the Bridge by the Primary; (continues) [0:13] the Kaylon Secondary releases the airlock and the ensign is sucked out into space, freezing to death, Ed is forced to watch; the armada jumps to quantum drive, leaving the ensigns corpse in the darkness of space; (repeats) [0:18] Yaphit steals away from the crawlspace of the ship to the Armory where he distracts and kills a Kaylon guard, retrieves a PM-488 Titan for Bortus in the shuttle bay; (continues) [0:19] Bortus kills the guards guarding the Orville's crew; Talla opens the shuttle bay doors as Kelly and Gordon board a shuttle; [0:20] Kelly and Gordon abscond by shuttle to Krill space; after being alerted to the humans actions, the Primary sends New Kaylon at sent to the shuttle bay and sends a Sphere pursues the shuttle; [0:21] Ed assigns Yaphit on a mission to send a message to Union Central with Ty himself as an assistant be the next smallest of the group to fit into the crawlspace to help with signal scrambling.

Isaac Comes Through/The Fleet Arrives

Joel McNeely


Isaac rips Primary's head off and shoots Kaylon Secondary and Kaylon Tertiary in order to protect Ty; (continues) [0:32] Isaac takes Ty to the Bridge where he fires upon the Kylon Bridge crew than inputs an EMP code to deactivate all the Kylon including himself but not before instructing Ty to open the shuttle bay doors and to inform Claire that he is 'sorry'; Ty tells Isaac that his family loves him; (continues) [0:33] Ty leaves Isaac after the pulse of electromagnetic energy, making his way to dead Kylon soldiers to the shuttle bay, freeing the Union crew and families; [0:34] the Orville crew regains control of the ship just as the armada arrives at Earth, luckily The Union ships within range stand between Earth war fleet and the Kaylon Armada ready for battle.

Battle for Earth

Joel McNeely


Battle erupts between the two warring fleets; Several ships on both sides are destroyed though the Union fleet begins to bears the brunt of the casualties; (continues) [0:36] Admiral Halsey reports to the Orville over communications that the Union has 32 ships destroyed or disabled and the Kaylon only six; Admiral Halsey's ship the USS Spruance is disabled; [0:37] 5 Kaylon Spheres break off from the pack ending towards Earth; Six Union ships give chase and attack, including the Orville, with the Spheres returning fire; [0:38] Heavy damage is done with the Union ships including the Orville who begin to plan a suicide mission to stop the last Kaylon Spheres from reaching earth when the Krill Fleet arrive to the battle; [0:39] Kelly introduces Captain Dalak to Ed as the Krill join the battle; [0:40] WIth a temporary alliance of Krill and Union forces the tide in the battle is turned; Gordon piloting a Krill Destroyer manages to take a Kaylon Sphere; The Orville itself loses its upper quantum ring when it collides with a lesser Sphere; [0:41] The Union and Krill made to take over the battle with the Kaylon Armada retreating; [0:42] Dalak tells Ed that Avis brought them together for a reason; The Krill force leave Union Space to return home; [0:43] After experiencing shutting down a Kaylon, Yaphit decides give a try at managing to restart Isaac as the crew debating on re-activating him and manages to restart Isaac.

The Orville End Titles

Bruce Broughton


End titles.


C'mon, there's no such thing as a stupid question. Get the ball rolling and be the first.

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Bruce Broughton, Andrew Cottee, John Debney & Joel McNeely

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