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14 Seasons

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Complete List of Songs

  • Old Mythologies
    The Barr Brothers
    Meredith runs into Cristina in the airport & they discuss how their interview went, then they meet up with Derek & Zola; Adele tells Richard she's in love with another resident at her nursing home.
    Tom Andrew
  • Repatriated
    Handsome Furs
    The Residents watch Holly attempt to get lunch; Mark confronts Avery about bailing on his interview; Holly joins the Residents for lunch.
    Tom Andrew
  • Shame On You
    Mariah McManus
    Adele begs Richard to help her find Allan; Meredith updates Holly's parents on her condition.
    Tom Andrew
  • The National
    Holly leaves the hospital with her parents; Teddy tells Owen he has to make Cristina stay at their hospital; Richard tells Adele he'll always love her, then Allan & Adele are reunited; The Residents meet at the airport before leaving for more interviews.
    Tom Andrew


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