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Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack [2005]

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Episode 19

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Season 7

Episode 19 • It's A Long Way Back

Theses Broken Hands Of Mine

Joe Brooks

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Alex tells Owen that he plans to bring a bunch of African kids over so they can have needed surgery; Avery distracts Bailey as the residents sneak Callie in to see her baby; Meredith asks Derek about adding Adele to their Alzheimers trial.

Neighbors - Now Now


Now Now

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Stark tells Arizona he'll allow her in Sofia's surgery; Callie explains to Meredith that Cristina is her new physical therapist; Lexie yells at Alex about trying to get funding from a patient; Arizona tells Callie that Sofia needs heart surgery.

Slow Motion - Little Red

Slow Motion

Little Red

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Cristina, Arizona & Bailey cheer on Callie as tries straighten her fingers; Mark shows Callie a video of baby Sofia; Bailey refuses to let Callie she her baby

Love You Strongly - Amy Stroup

Love You Strongly

Amy Stroup

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Bailey tells Callie that she can go home; Alex's trailer gets towed.

Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks - The National

Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks

The National

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Sofia passes the infant carrier test; Callie freaks out about taking Sofia in a car; Derek tells Meredith he wishes they could tell The Chief that Adele received the trial medicine; the African kids arrive at the hospital; Callie, Arizona, Sofia & Mark head home.


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