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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 5

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Season 4

Episode 5 • Party Politics

Thirty Year Waltz

Jim Pearce

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Annie & Leila join Bree & her clients.

Take Off Your Clothes


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Austin & Naomi are detained by security.

#1Nite (One Night)

Cobra Starship

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Performed at the 'Strip The Vote' party; Naomi gets a call from Max, then runs into Austin.

Under Water

Acid House Kings

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Silver prepares for her evening with Navid and stumbles upon a bag of money.

If You Wanna

The Vaccines

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The candidates have their photo taken at the party; Silver meets Marissa.

Warmer Climes

Boat Club

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Adrianna & Dixon look at the shots Ivy took for Dixon's album cover; Dixon asks Adrianna for a favor.

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Naomi sets up for her 'Strip The Vote' party and fails to send Austin on an errand.

Can You Feel It

Keith Kohn

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Naomi dreams of making out with Austin.

Way That You Move

Thrill Kill

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Teddy complains to Silver about Shane's attitude about politics & their relationship; Dixon thanks Adrianna for her help.

What I Can Be

Kite In The Air

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Silver confronts Navid about the money she found; Teddy's uncle tells him he's fine with whatever decision Teddy makes.


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