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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 6

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Season 4

Episode 6 • Benefit Of The Doubt

IÂ’m So Cool

Daniel Lenz

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The model shoot.

The Entertainer

Scott Joplin

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Naomi & Max perform their talent show routine for Ivy & Raj.

Sweet Maribel

KC Booker

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Annie confronts Bree about the escort job she set up.

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Sally performs at the talent show.

They DonÂ’t Trap No More

Tramel Willis

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Adrianna stops by to check on Dixon.

This And That

Daniel Lenz

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Liam arrives at the modelling shoot.

Bottoms Up


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The photo shoot wraps up.


Jessie Fontaine

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Annie finds out that Bree sent her to a client by herself.

When You Leave The Club

Tristan Wilds

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Liam complains to Adrianna about how big the talent show is getting.

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A girl asks Liam for his autograph, then he's approached about a modelling job; Dixon asks Adrianna for advice on interviewing with a radio show.

Ode To Janice Melt

Army Navy

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Naomi, Max, Silver & Ivy hang out by the pool; the girls scatter when Navid arrives.

Gotta Have It

Marcus Brown

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Liam tells Austin & Adrianna he's getting another check from the modelling agency; Naomi tells Austin that Max broke up with her.

Spirit Of Adventure


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Marissa counsels Silver on her 'boyfriend troubles'

Struggle of Our Lives War Garden Anthem

Standing Shadows

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Ivy & Raj inform Annie that Patrick made a huge donation in her name; Liam is told he could get more modelling jobs; Dixon helps Adrianna for helping him out.

All The Way

Dominion Status

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Annie meets up with her friends at Liam's bar; Silver announces that Dixon will perform next.

Alabaster Bodyworlds

Born Gold

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Max & Naomi perform their magic routine.

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Adrianna performs in Dixon's place; Navid's uncle threatens Silver.


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