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6 Seasons

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Complete List of Songs

  • Lions In Cages
    Wolf Gang
    Chuck pulls Raina back into bed; Erica texts Serena; Blair & Serena get ready for their day.
    Tom Andrew
  • Beat Of My Own Song
    Serena has lunch with Ben, and he tells her he's moving to Ithaca; Dan & Blair makes plans for another movie outing.
    Tom Andrew
  • Fire In Your New Shoes
    Kaskade ft Dragonette
    Blair is given a tour of the W magazine offices and meets her co-interns.
    Tom Andrew
  • Nous Non Plus
    The W party starts; Eric & Rufus talk about Lily; Eric tells Jonathan he's going to get some food, then goes to talk with Damien; Chuck arrives at the party; Ben tells Serena that her say Eric with Damien, then Jonathan tells her that Eric & Elliott are no longer together.
    Tom Andrew
  • Changes
    Blair & Dan pack up their stuff at the W offices; Serena tries to convince Eric that Damien is using him, then Ben gives him some advice; Rufus asks Eric if he's doing drugs; Ben tells Serena he doesn't want to be with her.
    Tom Andrew
  • Let Go
    Epperly tells Blair that she still has a job thanks to Dan; Rufus offers Ben a room at his loft; Nate discovers that his dad checked out of his room; Russell tells The Captain he still has a job.
    Tom Andrew


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