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Gossip Girl Soundtrack [2007]

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Episode 15

Episode 15 • It-Girl Happened One Night

We Turn It Up - Oh Land

We Turn It Up

Oh Land

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Gossip Girl talk about Valentine's Day; Blair gets ready for work.

The Speakeasy - Daniel May

The Speakeasy

Daniel May

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Raina encourages Serena to try on a dress, then Serena asks Raina if she's sure about doing the W article.

Drinks On The House - Daniel May

Drinks On The House

Daniel May

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Serena asks Raina about her relationship with Chuck as they shop.

Transfiguration - Henry Jackman


Henry Jackman

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Dan asks Blair if she read his article; Blair convinces Serena to be interviewed for her article; Lily brushes off Russell; The Captain tells Nate he's planning to resign; Chuck surprises Raina with a Venice inspired room.

U + Me = - Dan Black

U + Me =

Dan Black

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Ben & Serena kiss; Blair & Dan watch 'Rosemary's Baby' while talking on the phone with each other; Eric finds Damien waiting for him.

Beginners Falafel - Flying Lotus

Beginners Falafel

Flying Lotus

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Lily asks Dan if he's seen Chuck; Serena's interview finishes.

Meyrin Fields - Broken Bells

Meyrin Fields

Broken Bells

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Russell expresses his admiration over the party's turnout to Chuck; Raina tells Chuck no one will forget his party.

You - Wages

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Serena meets Ben at the bar.

At Your Door - Alexi Murdoch

At Your Door

Alexi Murdoch

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Raina breaks up with Chuck; Dan comforts Blair.


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