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Gossip Girl - S4E19 Soundtrack

Petty In Pink

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Complete List of Songs

  • White NightsOh Land
    Oh Land
    Louis sends Blair a package; Blair tells Dorota she's going to raid Serena's closet for her date with Louis; Lily shops on-line as Serena, Charlie & Eric return from buying pastries.
  • NoisemakerTwo Hours Traffic
    Two Hours Traffic
    Blair tells Dan that he's going to help her fool Louis' handler, Lucien, into thinking they're a couple.
  • HandsThe Ting Tings
    The Ting Tings
    The Pink Party starts; Serena & Charlie discuss what to do about Dan & Blair; Blair and Louis arrive at the party; Lily tells Rufus she's surprised they moved the event; Blair tells Charlie & Serena they can't see anything about Louis.
  • Danica 'The Morning Star' Rozelle
    Blair drags Dan away from Charlie; Louis tells Lucien he didn't know Blair would be at the party; Anne tells Lily her 'friends' took pleasure in her downfall.
  • If You WannaThe Vaccines
    The Vaccines
    A Gossip Girl blast about Blair & Dan goes out; Blair confirms the rumor about her relationship with Dan; Serena tells Louis that Blair's been in a secret relationship with Dan for months; Lily leaves the party.
  • Safety DanceThe Asteroids Galaxy Tour
    The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
    Lily intentionally sets off her ankle monitor to get police to break up The Pink party; Blair asks Eric if he's seen Louis; the police announce the party is over.
  • We Are StarsThe Pierces
    The Pierces
    Louis & Blair kiss for the paparazzi; Serena phones Jean-Michele; Dan tells Vanessa they are no longer friends, then he joins Charlie for a drink: Chuck gets an update from his private investigator then watches a video of Avery Thorpe.


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