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Greek Soundtrack [2007]

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Episode 7

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Season 4

Episode 7 • Midnight Clear

Roman History

Pet Lions

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Ashleigh & Simon chat at Doblers; Cappie tries to talk with Ashleigh.

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Calvin tells Rusty that Heath can't get to the party with the beer, then he suggests Rusty focus on someone other than Ashleigh; Casey asks Simon & Ashleigh how they got together; Evan tries to impress Simon.

Five Metres Apart

Stricken City

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Rusty talks to Calvin about Ashleigh; Casey apologizes to Ashleigh for not telling her that she was back with Cappie; Simon arrives.

Steady Love

Title Tracks

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Casey confronts Ashleigh in the bathroom about her dating Simon.

The Perfect Sound


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Cappie & Casey arrive for the party followed by Evan & Rebecca; Cappie encourages Casey to try again to talk with Ashleigh.

Wild At Heart

Lights On

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Rusty & Ashleigh talk about the party; Laura & Abby arrive.

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Dale brags about his aptitude at beer pong, then Cappie challenges him to a game of Jenga.

Mantra For The Madness

Right On Dynamite

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The gang discuss ninja versus pirates; Casey suggests they sample a dusty bottle of alcohol; the gang discuss 'what ifs'; Calvin agrees they should play 'Kiss or Tell'.

Creaking In The Floorboards


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Casey picks a song on the jukebox; Rebecca asks Casey why she's not trying to make up with Ashleigh, then they discuss the 'law school curse'.

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Dale accuses Laura of making him lose Jenga; Calvin comments on how much his party sucks; Ashleigh suggests they move the party to Doblers.


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