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Life Unexpected Soundtrack [2010]

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Episode 7

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Season 2

Episode 7 • Camp Grounded

King Of Anything

Sara Bareilles

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Cate & Ryan start arguing as they get ready for work; Baze brings Emma coffee & a croissant.

Come On Get Higher

Matt Nathanson

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Cate & Ryan make out; Emma & Baze have sex; Lux & Eric play around in the lake, then are seen kissing.

All I Have

Bonnie Piesse

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Baze asks Emma to dance on their school bus date; Eric finds Lux by the lake shore, the he offers to teach her to swim; Ryan & Cate argue.

It's Going To Be Alright

Jack Dolgen

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Lux & Tash make plans for the camping trip; Baze & Eric both try to get out of the camping trip, but Math refuses to let them.

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Everyone arrives for the camping trip; Baze fills Emma in on the camping trip.

Faster Side Of Normal

Noise Addict

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The bus arrives at camp; the campers are split into teams for a treasure hunt; Ryan switches teams with Baze.

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The campers get on the bus for the trip home; Baze thanks Emma for her understanding; Ryan tells Cate he'll be at the next therapy session; Eric tells Lux he can't let her go.


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