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The O.C. - S3E22 Soundtrack

The College Try

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Complete List of Songs

  • HandsMs. John Soda
    Ms. John Soda
    This song plays during a party at Wes' place at Berkeley. Marissa and Wes talk about her relationship with Ryan. Marissa then sees Ryan and talks to him about his tour of the architecture building.
  • Leave Me AloneTwo Hours Traffic
    Two Hours Traffic
    You hear this song when Ryan calls The Cohens from Berkeley and talks to Kirsten. The song plays in the background at the house party Ryan calls from and can only be heard when Ryan is on screen. This song can be heard up to the point when Kirsten talks to Ryan about Theresa.
  • Wrap It UpWhitey
    You hear this song when Seth and Summer take a walking tour of the Brown University campus. Seth tries to talk to Summer about their relationship, but Summer is unwilling to hear what Seth has to say for himself.
  • Night BirdsRyan Adams
    Ryan Adams
    You first hear this song play during another party at Wes' house. Wes tells Marissa that he partied too hard during his freshman year causing his grades to suffer, and Marissa tells Wes how her family fell apart and that she got kicked out of school. This song plays for a second time when Marissa is at Volchok's apartment while he is asleep and sees that he rented "The Sound Of Music" DVD. Marissa then climbs into bed to cuddle with Volchok.
  • Samba SandwichJonathan Boyle
    Jonathan Boyle
    This song plays during a dinner event at the Newport Bay Yacht Club that Sandy and Kirsten attend. Dr. R introduces Sandy to some other Doctors while Kirsten and Julie talk.


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