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Episode 19

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Season 2

Episode 19 • The Rager

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Hanging out in her room during the party, Marissa & Ryan almost kiss but then hear a girl scream.

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Marissa stays sober at her own party & then while walking into her bedroom, Marissa & Ryan interrupt a threesome getting busy in her bed at the party.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn


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Julie & Lance slow dance to the song in a bar & Julie confides that she thinks Caleb is going to divorce her. Lance responds by saying the whole situation is his fault & he'll "take care of Caleb" if she wants him to.

Here I Go Again


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Julie & Lance are drinking together at the dive bar reminiscing about younger days & a Whitesnake concert they went to together.

Daft Punk Is Playing At My House

LCD Soundsystem

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Seth & Zach argue about Reed, as Summer & Reed finally meet while touching up their make-up in the bathroom. Afterward Summer is totally pissed, confronts Seth about leading her into thinking Reed was a guy, & gets a ride home with Zach & Reed.


Daft Punk

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As more & more kids keep showing up at Caleb's mansion, some water polo tough guys hassle Seth so Trey steps up to protect him & winds up meeting a hot chick.

Decent Days and Nights

The Futureheads

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Ryan, Marissa, Summer & Seth check out Zach talking to Reed, who Summer thinks is just a random hottie, at the party at Caleb's mansion- somehow word has gotten out that there's a rager.

Under The Milky Way

The Church

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Julie storms into a dive bar to meet Lance & he tells her what exactly happened when Caleb paid him a visit.

Stop Dragging Me Down

The Obscurities

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Marissa tells Summer over coffee in the student lounge how Ryan got mad at her when she suggested throwing a birthday party for Trey.


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