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Episode 20

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Season 2

Episode 20 • The O.C. Confidential

Positive Tension

Bloc Party

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On the beach, Ryan confronts Kyle as the deal goes down.


Home Video

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Sandy & Trey sit outside the party in the car waiting for Ryan to call.

E Talking


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Marissa sneaks Ryan into the water polo party and she seeks out Jess.

Tres Cosas

Juana Molina

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Kirsten & Carter attend a wine tasting event at a Santa Barbara winery for the magazine.

Sound Of Settling

Death Cab for Cutie

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At the Bait Shop, Ryan tries to talk with Kyle but gets shut down.

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Outside the party, Trey & Sandy wait in the car for the call.

Movie Script Ending

Death Cab for Cutie

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At the concert, Marissa & Summer attempt to talk with Jess to get "hooked up" with the person that was selling drugs at Marissa's party.

How Does It Feel

The Koreans

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Trey & Sandy ambush the D.A. on his lunch break, trying to work out a deal.

Title And Registration

Death Cab for Cutie

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The band performs the song at The Bait Shop as Summer & Marissa arrive to the concert.

House On Fire


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Seth and Zach meet Reed at her place & get notes on their graphic novel. Later Seth, Summer & Zach arrive to Reeds Silverlake party. At the party, Summer gets totally irritated & tells Seth she wants to leave, she ends up getting a ride from Zach.

Sound Makes A Circle


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Summer complains to Zach about Seth just as he arrives to apologize.


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Christopher Tyng, Richard Marvin





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