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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 8

Episode 8 • Mouthful Of Diamonds

Time Moves Slow - Aqualung

Time Moves Slow


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Julian tries to cheer Jamie up about getting braces; Clay sends Nathan off to get the contract signed with Troy; Brooke signs over her company; Haley tells Jamie she'll wear an eye patch as long as he keeps pouting about his braces; Chase drops off a letter for Mia.

Can't Be Love - Laura Izibor

Can't Be Love

Laura Izibor

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Haley & Mia talk about Erin as she performs a song.

Tangled Up

Gareth Dunlop

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Julian & Brooke apologize to each other for what happened between Brooke & Sylvia; Clay has problems opening a tin can; Nathan & Troy check out a stadium.

People in the Hole - Catherine Feeny

People in the Hole

Catherine Feeny

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Julian interviews Haley for his documentary until they are interrupted by Jamie; Chase tells Mouth to clean up TRIC's storeroom; Haley convinces Jamie his braces aren't so bad.

Ides Of March - Lex Land

Ides Of March

Lex Land

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Julian asks Mouth about leaving his job in Omaha; Mouth tells Chase about Millie leaving with another guy on Halloween; Julian & Brooks watch old home movies of Julian with his mom and talk about happiness.

Be Still My Heart - Peter Bradley Adams

Be Still My Heart

Peter Bradley Adams

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Clay talks to Will at his gravesite; Nathan asks Troy what he dream was as a kid, then gets him to agree to the contract.

Crooked Lust - Bowerbirds

Crooked Lust


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Clay finally gets the soup can open, then sees an obituary for Will Bennett; Nathan & Troy talk with football player Tony Gonzalez; Chase tells Mouth about his girl problems; Clay visits Will's grave.

Everybody's Wrong Sometimes

Laura Izibor

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Mia interrupts Erin's piano playing.

Take It All In - Trent Dabbs

Take It All In

Trent Dabbs

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Julian asks Nathan why it's so hard to walk away from being an athlete; Nathan & Tony chat; Chase & Mouth drink shots of tequila discuss Alex versus Mia; Brooke apologizes to Sylvia & compliments her on the job she did raising Julian.

With Me Tonight - Ellery

With Me Tonight


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Haley tells Erin about her depression after her mom died; Nathan tells Troy he's officially in the NFL.

Roll Over Me

The Autumn Film

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Clay picks Nathan up from the airport & congratulates him on getting Troy signed; Mouth talks about hoping for something bettter; Julian's film runs out just as Chase is about to say who he'd chose; a girl at Jamie's school says it's cool that he has braces; Haley says that she hopes someone would help her child if they were struggling; Nathan talks about helping Troy; Troy enters the field for his first game as a Falcon; Julian comforts Brooke.



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