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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 7

Episode 7 • Luck Be A Lady

Daytime - Jack Dolgen


Jack Dolgen

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Julian edits his film & informs Brooke that he doesn't have anyone to be his best man.

In The Morning - Downpilot

In The Morning


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Mouth wakes up next to a manequin head; Alex surprises Julian with a visit; Erin phones Haley at the crisis center.

Get Down Tonight - KC & The Sunshine Band

Get Down Tonight

KC & The Sunshine Band

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Chase brings Mia a coffee, then Haley asks her how things are going with Chase; Haley tells Mia about Erin calling the crisis center; Nate catches Clay dancing around his living room.

String Quartet In A Minor - Andante

Schubert / Extreme Music

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Haley arrives at the bridal expo as Sylvia announces she's found the right wedding dress.

Confessions Of A Girl

Ry Cuming

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Alex tells Julian about her attempt to talk with Chase, then she convinces him to host a poker game; Nathan & Haley talk about how they screwed up, before receiving calls from their friends; Brooke demands Haley come rescue her from Sylvia.

Ten Cent Pistol - The Black Keys

Ten Cent Pistol

The Black Keys

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Julian asks Alex why she returned, but she turns the tables on him & asks why he's suddenly needing male bonding; Brooke & Sylvia check out a bridal expo.

Hot Pepper


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Alex encourages Julian to make the phone calls to set up the poker game.

Together We're Never Alone - Right The Stars

Together We're Never Alone

Right The Stars

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Chase turns down Alex request to talk with him, and stays to chat with Mia; Brooke & Sylvia disagree on having an outdoor wedding; Mia tells Haley about Alex's visit, then Haley talks about her phonecall from Erin; Nathan chats with Troy's team manager.

Sunday Afternoon - Rachael Yamagata

Sunday Afternoon

Rachael Yamagata

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Julian encourages Alex to fix things with Chase; Clay apologizes to Nathan for not preparing him, then tells him that Troy chose him to be his agent; Brooke puts a drunk Sylvia to bed; Erin shows up at the studio & Haley tells her she really liked her music; Alex apologizes to Chase for not telling him about the movie; Alex, then Mia slap Chase; Julian and Brooke talk about their day; Haley & Nathan realize they forgot to pick up Jamie.

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Clay tells everyone what Nathan was doing in Atlanta; Julian wins another hand.

10 Years Older - Jarrod Gorbel

10 Years Older

Jarrod Gorbel

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Brooke sends Haley home; the guys discuss their nicknames; Haley checks for messages at the crisis center; Julian wins the last hand; Brooke looks around the expo for Sylvia & finds her passed out.

Old Haunts - The Gaslight Anthem

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The poker game starts & the guys ask Julian how his documentary is going; Brooke tells Sylvia she doesn't want to commit to any wedding details, then they argue over food options; Chase & Alex bicker as the game continues; Nathan complains about Clay letting him make a fool of himself with Troy's team manager.



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