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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 9

Episode 9 • Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

Summer Holiday - Wild Nothing

Summer Holiday

Wild Nothing

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Haley writes to Lucas about Thanksgiving; Julian teases Brooke about her kitchen skills, then Sylvia comments on Brooke's apple pie; Clay talks to Nathan about getting certified to be an agent while they throw a football with Jamie; Millies shows up at Skills & Mouth's place ; the guys comment on the about of food that Haley has made.

Burn The House Down - Scars On 45

Burn The House Down

Scars On 45

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Erin arrive at the Scott household; the guys hang out in the yard; Jamie questions Erin about her family; Alex & Millie catch up.

You Will Find Me - Andrew Ripp

You Will Find Me

Andrew Ripp

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Millie, Mouth & Skills arrive at the Scott household; Brooke makes turkey ornaments with Jamie; Sylvia tells Brooke she should wish her mother a happy holiday; Chase uses alcohol filled glasses to play 'Jingle Bells'; Nathan & Clay talk about Quinn, then Nathan admits her never graduated from high school; Alex & Mia arrive at the Scott household.

Restoration - The Acorn


The Acorn

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Sylvia uses a fire extinguisher on Brooke's burning turkey; Julian, Brooke & Sylvia arrive at the Scott household; Skills tells Millie about his Thanksgiving menu; Chase has a drink at the desserted TRIC; Victoria is released from jail.

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Nathan tells Haley he needs his degree to be an agent; the gang comment on Haley's cooking skills; Victoria arrives.

Mercury - She Keeps Bees

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Alex & Mia discover that Chase doesn't want to be with either of them; Brooke tells Haley her mom would be really proud of her, then Haley tells her that she shouldn't wait too long to make up with Victoria; Sylvia & Victoria say goodbye; Brooke tells Sylvia she's already happy with Julian.

My Own Worst Enemy - Lit

My Own Worst Enemy


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Alex plays Guitar Hero with Jamie; Mia asks Erin if she knows any curses she can use on Alex; Chase continues drinking in the empty bar; Victoria & Sylvia bond over win.

Hands - Fences



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Haley asks Quinn about her trip, then gives her leftovers when she says she's too tired to stay; the group sits down for dinner and says what they're thankful for.

L.O.V.E. - V V Brown


V V Brown

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Jamie & Nathan pick their football teams; Sylvia & Victoria comment on the game; Quinn arrives as Alex & Mia tussle.

Your Direction - Chief

Your Direction


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Chase closes up TRIC; Quinn gets out of bed to develop photos; Brooke & Julian contemplate the burned turkey; Haley & Jamie make a wish on the wishbone; Haley tells Nathan she wished that he would believe in himself as much as she does.



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