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Episode 12

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Season 8

Episode 12 • The Drinks We Drank Last Night

All The Difference

Red Cortez

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Brooke warns Julian not to go too crazy at his bachelor party; Haley advises Nate to read his course book & forget what his prof said; Brooke tells Haley she can't leave her bachlorette party early, then finds out that Alex was invited to the party; the girls arrive at the suite.

The Sun's Going Down On Me

Hans Olson

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Haley brings the girls coffee the morning after the bachlorette party; the girls discover evidence of the previous night's happenings; Brooke freaks out over her missing engagement ring.

So Many Things

The Whispering Tree

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Millie discovers that she has a tattoo of a pair of boots; the girls discover they met up with Dave Navarro.

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Flashback to Alex riding a mechanical bull.

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Flashback to Alex piercing Quinn's tongue.

Ten Million and Two.

Yvonne DeVaney

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Sylvia, Haley & Brooke visit the bar with the mechanical bull; continues as Sylvia complains about the music & how it brainwashes you, then she gets a call that her phone is at the firestation.

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The frat guys dance for the girls; flashback to the bachlorette party dancing with the guys & Sylvia chugging beer.



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Flashback to Milliedrink 'The Boot' cocktail.

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Brooke confesses to Julian that he kissed some guy at the sports bar, then Julian reveals it was him.

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Flashback to the girls having a water-condom fight with Dave Navarro on the Clothes Over Bros roof.

Under Control

Cary Brothers

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Quinn tells Haley about what the girls did to Nathan's professor's house; Dogust eats Brooke's toy ring; Sylvia thanks Brooke for having her along the night before.

Get Up & Fight

Juice Monkey

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Flashback to Sylvia winning a chicken wing eating contest against a fireman.

Fell On The Floor

Red Cortez

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Flashback to the girls egging & TP-ing Nathan's professor's house, then driving off in an icecream truck with his dog.

Radio Star

Get Back Sons

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Brooke, Haley & Sylvia visit a sports bar; Sylvia tries to convince Brooke that living in LA would be better than Tree Hill.

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Sylvia reassures Brooke that everything will be fine with Julian; flashback to Brooke asking Sylvia if she's been trying to convince Julian to move back to LA, then telling Sylvia that she smothers Julian.

Say It Once

Glass Pear

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Julian & Haley surprise Brooke with her dream church & reveal that Sylvia has been organizing the wedding for her; Syliva & Brooke apologize to each other; Brooke tells Haley that Peyton can't make it to the wedding, then asks her to be her maid of honor.


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