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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 13

Episode 13 • The Other Half Of Me

Love Can Make You New - JJ Heller

Love Can Make You New

JJ Heller

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Chase complains about Skills restrictions for ushers; Julian arrives at the church; Haley helps Brooke get ready and they both end up in tears.

Thought You Knew - Melanoid

Thought You Knew


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Mouth tells Skills he's going overboard with his security precautions; Julian's parents argue as Quinn tries to take their photo; Alex runs into Chase & Mia at the church; Quinn takes Victoria & Brooke's photo.

Must Be Love

Jake Smith

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Quinn urges Alex to go to the wedding, then confesses that her stalking Katie was the reason Katie returned to Tree Hill.

Don't You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds

Don't You (Forget About Me)

Simple Minds

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Brooke changes the music and starts dancing around her kitchen.

Sights and Sounds - The Rocketboys

Sights and Sounds

The Rocketboys

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Brooke remembers sitting on her front steps as a young girl as her parents argue; Julian wakes up with Chester sitting on his chest, then tells Jamie the story of his broken bumper car token.

My Baby - Julia Stone

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Jamie informs Skills that Madison is his date; Haley tells Brooke she's the perfect bride; Victoria tells Brooke that her father is not coming to the wedding; Haley walks up the aisle; Julian gives Jamie his broken bumper car token.

Coming Home

The Dimes

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Jamie & Nathan shoot hoops & talk about best man speeches as Julian joins them; Haley finally gets up & is given a Maid of Honor gift from Brooke; Jamie drops off Julian's note for Brooke.

Michigan - Derby



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Haley complains to Nathan how long it's taking for Julian & Brooke to arrive.

Sweet And Low (Acoustic) - Augustana

Sweet And Low (Acoustic)


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Brooke & Julian have their first dance as husband & wife; Chase complains that the bartender stole his line & drink; Quinn & Millie join Alex.

Marry Me - Train

Marry Me


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Montage of Julilan & Brooke's relationship; Victoria walks Brooke up the aisle.

You Are The Best Thing - Ray LaMontagne

You Are The Best Thing

Ray LaMontagne

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Julian's father offers to stand in for Brooke's dad; Julian thanks his mom for everything she's done as they dance; Haley asks Jamie if he's ready for his speech.

I Do - Susie Suh

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Julian & Brooke say their vows and exchange rings; Skills stands up and says no one better object.

My Best Friend

Kate York

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Quinn confesses to Clay that it was her fault Katie came back; Chase & Mia are caught making out in the limo; Brooke & Julian leave the church and drive off; Quinn tells Alex not to try so hard with guys; Haley tells Jamie she was really proud of his best man speech.


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