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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 17

Episode 17 • The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get

All The Pretty Ones - Say Hi

All The Pretty Ones

Say Hi

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Kellerman hands out exams to his class; Julian & Brooke discuss painting the baby's room.

Step Into The Ring


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Haley freaks Quinn out by pretending to be in labor; repeats as Haley tests Quinn again, then Brooke and Julian, then Nathan & Clay.

In Your Arms Again

Pleasure Bridge

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Chase pitches balls for Chuck.

Pumped Up Kicks - Foster the People

Pumped Up Kicks

Foster the People

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Nathan tells Clay about Kellerman not wanting him to represent Ian, then Chase & Julian joins them.

Souvenir - AgesandAges



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The group comments on Quinn's toaster pastry obsession; Nathan talks to Ian about signing with him; Chuck asks Chase for help.

Vacation Vacation - U.S. Royalty

Vacation Vacation

U.S. Royalty

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Haley & Quinn talk about the night of the accident on the bridge; Alex talks with Chase at TRIC; Millie & Mouth join Alex at the bar; Millie is asked for her autograph.

The Pressure - The Boom Circuits

The Pressure

The Boom Circuits

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Chase talks Chuck into trying on Alex's glasses; Brooke asks Chloe about the baby's father & her life.

I Won't Give Up - Jana Kramer

I Won't Give Up

Jana Kramer

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Alex listens to her recording; Chase asks to borrow Alex's glasses.

Gonna Make You Mine - Olin and The Moon

Gonna Make You Mine

Olin and The Moon

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Millie tells Mouth the viewers loved her segment; Ian signs the contract, then texts Alex; Chase thanks Alex for the loan of her glasses, then she offers to help him close up the bar; Haley tells Quinn she's in labor; Julian tells Brooke that Chloe went into labor; Nathan discovers that Ian was the hit and run driver from the bridge.

Girls Girls $ - Theophilus London

Girls Girls $

Theophilus London

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Nathan & Clay arrive at Ian's place to find a party in full swing.

Leaving In The Sunrise - The Novocaines

Leaving In The Sunrise

The Novocaines

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Ian challenges Clay & Nathan to a game of beer pong to see if he'll sign the contract.


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