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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 20

Episode 20 • The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul


The Fast Romantics

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Jamie goes up to bat; Chuck teases Jamie about striking out; flashback to Alex meeting Chuck, then Chase asking Alex if she's ever had a drug test.

Civilian - Wye Oak


Wye Oak

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Julian tries to tell the little league team he won't be coaching anymore; Julian deletes video from the day Chloe's baby was born; Nathan tells Clay that Ian was driving his dad's car; Ian practices his pitches; Nathan tells Kellerman they need to talk.

Highlights From A Cold And Desperate Song - Hotel Eden

Highlights From A Cold And Desperate Song

Hotel Eden

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Brooke comes across the sign from Karen's Cafe sign as she packs; Alex & Chase laugh in bed; Julian asks Clay what happened to Quinn.

Forever You Won't


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Flashback to Chase being offered a joint after the Kid Cudi show; Chase asks Alex for a favor.

Maps Of Wars - Branches

Maps Of Wars


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The little league game continues; Nathan talks to Haley about comparing Kellerman to Dan, then Haley suggest he go talk to Dan.

Posture, Etc. - Say Hi

Posture, Etc.

Say Hi

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Chase waits at the airport; flashback to Chuck inviting Chase to come to his little league game; Brooke offers Haley the sign from Karen's Cafe; Kellerman confesses to Nathan that he lied to cover for Ian.

Mine Is Yours - Cold War Kids

Mine Is Yours

Cold War Kids

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Chase continues to stand around the airport; flashback to Chase being asked to retake the drug test; Chase tells Alex they need to talk; Nathan asks Clay what happened to Quinn; flashback to Quinn getting a spray tan.

Hard To Be - David Bazan

Hard To Be

David Bazan

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Scouts watch Ian pitching; flashback to Julian, Nathan & Clay taking Ian to the bridge; Haley contemplates the sign from Karen's Cafe; flashback to the guys confronting Ian about the accident then throwing him into the river.

Stone In My Heart - Graffiti6

Stone In My Heart


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Julian makes another attempt to talk to the team; Alex lends Chuck her glasses for luck; Chuck gets on base; Quinn shows off her tan to Clay; Madison goes up to bat.

The Lightning Strike - Snow Patrol

The Lightning Strike

Snow Patrol

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Nathan calls a time-out to tell Jamie that it's just a game and they'll get an ice cream no matter what happens; Nathan drives by the diner where Dan works, then tells Haley he couldn't go in to see Dan; flashback to Chase telling Alex he was planning to join the Air Force but would rather stay with her; Brooke tells Julian that she's pregnant; Jamie hits the ball.

Perfect Kind Of Love - Kim DiVine

Perfect Kind Of Love

Kim DiVine

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Madison gets on base; Alex asks Quinn about her tan; Quinn's tan washes off as she & Clay enjoy their hot tub.



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