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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 21

Episode 21 • Fligthless Bird, American Mouth

Home - Ok Sweetheart


Ok Sweetheart

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Jamie begs Clay to help with the River Court project; Nathan & Jamie set up a tent as Chuck & Chase join them; the girls sunbathe on the beach; Alex tells Brooke she'll help hide her pregnancy.

Take Me Away - The Dimes

Take Me Away

The Dimes

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Mouth remembers commentating with Jimmy at the River Court; Jamie tells Nathan about the Snipey Plover; Haley checks out Brooke's old store; Alex, Brooke, Quinn & Lauren check into a hotel.

Where The Sun Shines Free

Lizzie Brown

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Brooke & Alex check out Quinn's photo shoot location; Millie asks Mouth for help with her next story.

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Clay hangs out in his lounger by the River Court; Quinn takes photos of Taryn.

It Doesn't Matter (An Association)

Hotel Eden

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Quinn works on her revised photoshoot.

Puzzle Pieces - Saint Motel

Puzzle Pieces

Saint Motel

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Quinn & Taryn drop Lauren off at her room; Quinn takes a photo with Taryn for Clay; Clay receives the photo from Quinn; montage of the girls, the guys, then Haley on their phones.

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) - Katy Perry

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

Katy Perry

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The girls party in a club; Haley works on curtains; Brooke fakes drinking tequila shots; Quinn figures out that Brooke is pregnant; Lauren looks for her shirt.

Amor - Muevate

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The girls go out for drinks and Alex helps distract them as Brooke hides her sushi.

La Vida Buena - Muevate

La Vida Buena


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Quinn asks Taryn to appear in her photos of the locals; photo montage.

Wash U Clean - Beth Thornley

Wash U Clean

Beth Thornley

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Lauren devours her gift basket then tries to take a sexy photo of herself before getting locked out of her room, then runs into Taryn in the elevator.

Arms - Christina Perri

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Jamie spots a Snipey Plover nest; Millie starts her story on the River Court, then passes the microphone over to Mouth; Chase brings Chuck his bike to watch over while he's gone; Haley surprises Brooke with a recreated Karen's Cafe, then Brooke asks her if she wants a partner; Jamie & Nathan shoot baskets at the River Court.

El Farol - La Santa Cecilia

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Lauren tells Alex & Brooke about her adventures the night before.

Rolling In The Deep - Adele

Rolling In The Deep


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Chase rescues Chuck from the bulldozer; Quinn takes photos of Taryn playing with children in a sprinkler; Chase yells at Chuck for the bulldozer stunt.

De Cuba A Miami - Muevate

De Cuba A Miami


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Alex & Brooke try to help Lauren figure out who she sent photos to.



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