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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 19

Episode 19 • Where Not To Look For Freedom

Mah Na Mah Na - Piero Umiliani

Mah Na Mah Na

Piero Umiliani

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Haley catches Quinn singing to baby Lydia.

Struck By Lightning - The Wooden Birds

Struck By Lightning

The Wooden Birds

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Haley checks on baby Lydia; Brooke packs up her baby stuff; Nathan takes Julian and Clay to look at Ian's vehicle; Julian rants about what Ian did; Clay asks Julian how Brooke is doing; Nathan & Jamie talk to Kellerman during his class.

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Eye of the Tiger


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Alex finds Quinn singing in the studio; repeats as Alex sings to tease Quinn about her performance; Quinn sings to entertain Haley as Olin & The Moon walks in behind her.

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Mouth suggests Millie do a new pieces on the river court; Haley tells Quinn she did an amazing job with the show; Kellerman packs up his office; Julian tells Brooke her thinks she should take the job; Ian tells the college excepted Kellerman's resignation, then makes a toast.

Psychasthenia - William Fitzsimmons


William Fitzsimmons

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Ian, Nathan & Clay discuss the Kellerman situation; Brooke tells Haley about her job offer.

Everyone Falls - Beth Thornley

Everyone Falls

Beth Thornley

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Brooke gets a call from Clothes Over Bros; Alex shows Chase her new glasses; Haley plays with Lydia; Brooke tells Victoria that her ex-company offered her a job as vice president.

Not In Love - Olin and The Moon

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Performed as Clay arrives at TRIC and kisses Quinn; Julian brings Brooke a large variety of ice cream flavors; Ian sees his dad watching him practice pitching.

Days Go By - The Confusions

Days Go By

The Confusions

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Skills, Mouth & Millie contemplate the end of the river court; Chase reassures Alex that she's a good musician, then they kiss.

Whiskey - Jana Kramer

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Alex performs; Nathan & Jamie watch over Lydia; Brooke pours herself a drink; Julian remembers the accident at the bridge; Clay goofs around with a stetson; Skills, Mouth & Millie play around at the river court.

For Now People - Joey DeGraw

For Now People

Joey DeGraw

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Alex asks Chase how things are going with Chuck;


C'mon, there's no such thing as a stupid question. Get the ball rolling and be the first.

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