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Private Practice - S6E4 Soundtrack

You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone

3 liked songs • 67.1k views • music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas

Complete List of Songs

  • These DaysDr. Dog
    Dr. Dog
    Addison & Jake kiss on the couch until they're interrupted by calls to come into the ER; James helps Charlotte with the influx of patients.
  • Breaking The YearlingsShearwater
    Cooper reassures Mason that their family is not going to break up; Addison compliments Stephanie on how good she is at her job; Violet talks with Sarah's dad; Addison tells Sam that she accidentally told Stephanie some stuff he hadn't told her, then she advises Jake on how to handle his patient, Meagan.
  • Hold Me NowLazlo Bane
    Lazlo Bane
    Stephanie breaks up with Sam; Jake suggests that Meagan consider a different way to have a child; Addison introduces Todd to his daughter; Jake asks Addison if she's ready to head home; Amelia tells James not to give her undeserved credit in the future; Violet checks on Sarah's parents.


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