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It's Not Over (feat. Sam Fischer) - Gizzle

It's Not Over (feat. Sam Fischer)


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Brian Banks




I've been walking through this storm myself, these winds don't help Heart's turned black from bruises, I've been blinded from the tears in my eyes and All this time I've been wondering, wondering how How I'm gon', how I'm gon' work this out Wondering, wondering when, when this pain gon' end No matter how hard it gets, my truth is the light in the darkness But I'm built to fight 'til exhaustion And that's why I never gave up They tried to bring me down They tried to count me out But it's not, it's Not Over And yes I've been through hell But on the other side is where I found myself And it's not, it's Not Over They say God gives his tests To the ones prepared best To understand the lessons and turn them into blessings But all my momma's stressing and all this second guessing Just seemed a little extra but still I know enough not question his will Cause every road I walked was rough but I'm still standing here still With a spirit that's as strong as valyrian steel And not to mention every burden that I carried uphill, but yeah I've had days darker than a killer's heart Where I'd give anything for gossip and pillow talk Head on the guillotine, just waiting for the chop And then an angel lift's my head from the block It's Not Over Come hell or high water I'll be fighting like I oughtta Put my heart in these recordings Never falling cause ain't no autumn in California The paranoia that comes with trying to be great, sometimes it's too much take So wrangling every snake that tried to change my fate They thought they had my day but I just changed the date Funny, how they love to build you up just to tear you down Get you on the ground, while you're there, they're nowhere around Pick yourself up, now you up, they start showing up When you rise up from the dust You just wish them luck 'Cause all that pain just made me stronger They thought they had gotten over Mindset of a soldier, so you know it's never over, yea Oooooh ooooooh ooooooh No Ooooooh ooooooh ooooooh Oh they tried to bring me down But it's not over

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